• Giardia: A Parasite of Many Species

    What About the Pool? 1. Giardia can live for up to an hour even in a well-maintained pool, and much longer, potentially forever, in a poorly maintained pool. 2. Keep your pool in the best condition by checking the pH and chlorine levels regularly. You can obtain test strips at a home improvement

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  • Fleas, the Frustrating Pest

    Adult Flea Treatments -Frontline for dogs and cats -Advantage for dogs and cats -Revolution for cats -Comfortis for dogs -Capstar for dogs and cats Examples of drugs for treating flea eggs and larvae: -Methoprene -Lufenuron -Pyriproxifen Outdoor treatment: -Bayer Advanced Garden Multi Insect

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  • Flea Preventative Medications: Oral vs. Topical

    Flea Prevention and Your Veterinarian Make sure to ask your veterinarian’s advice on which flea treatment products he or she recommends, and in what quantities. The chance of an adverse reaction to a flea treatment may depend in part on the pet’s size and weight. Veterinary research has noted

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  • Creepy, Crawly Critters

    What To Do If You Find an Attached Tick on Your Pet 1. Use fine tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible. 2. Pull upward with an even pull, do not twist or jerk, to increase the chance the tick will be detached intact.3. Clean the area with iodine scrub

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